Game Announcement: Quarries of Scred 1982

Hi guys, Jono here again.
Over the holidays Kamil has been programming a text based game called Quarries of Scred 1982, or QoS1982 for short.

In QoS1982 you are a miner digging for gems while avoiding unstable rocks and fighting ranklers. QoS1982 is based off of Quarries of Scred by Noble Kale, and is a theoretical version of what playing Quarries of Scred would be like in 1982.

QoS1982 still in development but should be released soon. All that remains to be done is some small bugfixing. We have a beta version here for anyone who wants to give it a try.

The main controls are simple, other controls are presented when necessary.

  • NSEW for digging and moving around
  • L to look around
  • H for help

If you find any bugs or want to offer any feedback either tweet at us or leave a comment below.

Art and Sound Compression Part 2

This article is a continuation of Part 1, if you want to know about texture atlases and sound compression I recommend you go read it.

The information in this article mainly concerns OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2,  OpenGL 3.0 ES is coming and will support a broad standard of ETC2 (that has alpha channel support) and possibly ASTC, but if you are trying to support as many devices as possible this article will probably be useful. I’ve also included also a list of links at the bottom for tools to create compressed images formats. Continue reading

Art and Sound Compression Part 1

Hi, this is Jono, the art assistant for Kactus games, in these articles I’ll be going over the compression of the art and sound in The Legacy of Barubash.

The Legacy of Barubash has a lot of art. Most of the art is animations, but there’s also quite a lot of environmental objects. Over the last few weeks I’ve been refining and simplifying our processes to make it as easy as possible to update art assets as needed. I haven’t found many blogs about this topic, so I thought this write-up would be useful for other developers who also have to deal with a lot of assets. Continue reading

Live Harp Recording Session

The sound team at Serial Lab have provided some great tracks for The Legacy of Barubash. Lately we’ve been working with Gina Zdanowicz and her team to come up with a suitable theme for Tafne. Tafne is married to Kaleb (the main protagonist) and will be a central character to the story. We needed several variations to her theme music and Gina suggested that we use a live recording of a harpist and soprano for the pieces.
Gina has kindly provided us with a write up regarding the recording session with harpist Erin Hill:

Continue reading

Thoughts on the OUYA and a map making screenshot

Just thought I’d share a quick post today. I’m currently mapping out the village of Denham.

The editor isn’t 100% wysiwyg but since I’m pretty much doing most of the map design, I just deal with the quirks.

Also recently, the Penny Arcade Report sat down with us here at Kactus Games as well as Code Zombie to see what devs thought of the OUYA developer’s kit.

Click here for the article

January 2013 – The Box

I woke up late Wednesday morning on the 2nd of January to have a cardboard box thrust into my arms while I was still groggy. Somehow, I managed to blearily focus on the shipping label. “Shipper/Exporter – OUYA” OK, now I was wide awake. Damn that was quick. I’d gotten a notification that the OUYA had shipped on the 28th of December 2012, and I’m used to abysmal shipping times. I have never received an international package within 4 days of it being sent. Fantastic. I grabbed a phone and told Kam he *had* to have a video keepsake of him opening it.

The unboxing didn’t exactly go to plan, so we ended up getting 2 minutes of Kam flailing about and the sound balance being completely out. (Apologies for the phone noise early in the video, however you could consider it as being a preview of our level up sound effect.)

Soon after that excercise in silliness, Kam ran off to his office room to tinker with the OUYA and to see what it could do. I’m not particularly technical so I’ll leave it up to Kam to write up a tech post of his own.

He must have done something as later that night he had the current alpha version of Barubash up and running.

Currently Kam is busy with benchmarking and optimising performance for the OUYA.

I’ll leave you with a photo of the OUYA dev kit and controller, with an XBOX 360 controller and PS3 controller for size comparison. (Click to enlarge the image.)January 2013 - The Box


There’s always a lot of ongoing work for The Legacy of Barubash happening. This week we’ve been focusing on removing as many graphical glitches as possible. Also we’ve started using higher res sprites for the enemies.

The before shot is first, after is bottommost. (Screenshots taken from different devices, the first image is from a HTC One X, bottom is a Google Nexus 7. Also there are different light filters applied in game which accounts for the colour differences. Finally, the UI was hidden on the phone screen shot.)

Before: (click to enlarge)
There’s still heaps on the to-do list. We’re hoping to get the UI fixed up soon and I’m currently writing up dialogue trees for quests and stories. Kam is doing whatever magic programmer’s do and squeezing out increased frame rates.

We’re also eagerly awaiting our kickstarter OUYA dev kit. The official word is that they will start shipping on the 28th of December! We’re excited, even though we’ll have to wait an extra few weeks for the unit to ship to Australia. Curse you geography!